Gabriele Lanaro

8 May 2020

Probabilistic programming with Pyro: modeling the forgetting curve

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5 May 2020

Researching a machine learning based spaced repetition system (flashcards)


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25 May 2019, painting videos with S3, Cognito, Lambda, SES and AWS AI

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25 Apr 2019, running Neural Style Transfer on AWS

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3 Mar 2016

Implementing Decision Trees in Python

I find that the best way to learn and understand a new machine learning method is to sit down and implement the algorithm. In this tutorial we’ll work on decision trees in Python (ID3/C4.5 variant).

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3 Feb 2016

Evaluation measures for multiclass problems

In most machine learning courses a lot of emphasis is given to binary classification tasks. However, I found that the most useful machine learning tasks try to predict multiple classes and more often than not those classes are grossly unbalanced.

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11 Jul 2015

Room Prices Analysis (Part 3): Natural Language Modeling and Feature Selection in Python.

After looking on how to scrape data, clean it and extract geographical information, we are ready to begin the modeling stage.

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3 May 2015

Room Prices Analysis (Part 2): Data Cleaning and Geolocation with Python and Shapely

In this post we’ll see how to clean data, and how to deal with geographical information in Python. This post is part of a data science project of the room rental prices in Vancouver.

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24 Apr 2015

Room Prices Analysis (Part 1): Scraping Websites with Python and Scrapy

In this post we’ll describe how I downloaded 1000 room listings per day from a popular website, and extracted the information I needed (like price, description and title).

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19 Apr 2015

Vancouver Room Prices

Have you ever wondered what is a good price for a room in Vancouver?

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14 Jan 2015

Visualizing Molecular Orbitals in the IPython Notebook

Molecular orbital

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12 Dec 2014

How to extract docstrings from Python files with ast

In this post we will learn how to use the ast module to extract docstrings from Python files.

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4 Dec 2014

Chemview: 3D Chemistry for IPython Notebook

IPython Notebook is one of the most popular tools for data analysis. It basically lets your run Python scripts with an interactive notebook interface, allowing for runnable ‘‘notebook’’ that contains both text and data. I personally use it all the time for my research.

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1 Dec 2014

Write your custom latex bibliography style in 5 minutes

You’re ready to submit your paper, but there’s one last thing your supervisor/publisher/teacher requests you, only a slight modification to the bibliography style:

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