Gabriele Lanaro

Obsessive compulsive developer, scientist and author.

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Stuff I did in my free time


Emacs-for-python is a liibrary that makes working with python in emacs a breeze


chemview is a molecular viewer written in THREE.js to be used in IPython notebook. Multiplatform, absolutely blissful. Still under development.


Chemlab is an advanced molecular library written in Python and OpenGL. It features a great API for 3D graphics, and fast data structures for the computational chemist.


Citations is an android app that enriches your life with inspiring quotes from the most important personalities in the world history.

Download it from google play.

Where I'm at

I'm currently a PhD candidate in Computational Chemistry at the University of British Columbia. I do molecular simulations, to discover how crystals forms and dissolve. I am passionate about technology and programming, every excuse is good to do some coding. I've worked with Python for many years and I've authored a book for Packt, Python High Performance Programming. But by journey doesn't stop here, I'm constantly trying new things to gain perspective on the problems I face (and also to keep things interesting).

Schools and alike